Collected Poems and Essays of Zhu Jiongzhai


This is a manuscript work in two volumes by Zhu Yunjin (also known by his style name Zhu Jiongzhai). A native of Yongqing County, Hebei Province, Zhu Yunjin received his ju ren degree (a provincial graduate) during the Jiaqing reign (1796–1820) and held a post as a prefect of Shuntian Fu. His name is not mentioned in the local gazetteers of Yongqing County written during the Jiaqing and the Guangxu period (1875–1908). Although three of his other works are recorded in Da Qing ji fu shu zheng (Catalogue of books in the Great Qing Imperial Court and its surroundings), this work is not listed in any catalogs and is presumably the only extant copy. The first volume contains 53 poems of different lengths, mostly in reflective and emotional tones. The second volume contains 30 essays on various topics of a miscellaneous nature, including essays on poetry, birthday eulogies, and descriptions of places.

Last updated: January 3, 2018