A Sketch of the Islamic Law


This manuscript work in two volumes was translated and edited by Ma Boliang (1640–1711), an influential Islamic scholar from Jining, Shandong Province. It deals with the basics of Islam and instructs readers on how to identify unorthodox ideas and deeds. To accommodate some readers, Ma also provided Arabic letters for a few of the most important expressions and terms as well as Chinese characters. The work became very popular in the Muslim community, which constituted a large minority population in China. It has a preface and a postscript, but the postscript, written by Ma Boliang, is incomplete. The inscription provides the names of other Islamic students and scholars who participated in authenticating the work, including Li Yongshou, Wen Yingshi, Yang Jiu’en, Ma Minggao, and Ma Zhilin. The date of this manuscript copy is the second year of the Jiaqing reign (1797). The book collector’s seal impression indicates that it was originally in the collection of Wang Qisun (1755–1817), an official and calligrapher.

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1 juan in 2 volumes

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