A Complete Inventory of the Yuanjiang Garrison System under the Yunnan Provincial Commander-in-Chief


This work is an inventory of the garrison system in Yuanjiang Prefecture (which became a municipality in 1770), in Yunnan Province. The garrison was established in the 15th year of the Shunzhi reign (1658) when the Manchu armies succeeded in defeating the prefect Na Song, who was loyal to the Southern Ming regime, and in occupying Yunnan, one of the last provinces to be conquered by the Manchu. Yuanjiang is situated on a plateau in the middle and upper areas of the Yuan River surrounded by forests. Xiang Guangxian, a garrison commander who had rendered great service in suppressing the resistance in Sichuan and Shaanxi Provinces, took over the command in 1846, and this inventory was compiled by him. It is a two-volume handwritten copy, issued during the Daoguang reign (1821–50), which gives details on the geographical position, territory, cities, waters, ponds, beacon towers, population, customs, and indigenous people of the region. Also given is detailed information on army rations, weapons and munitions, and measurements of roads. The work is an important reference source for the history of Yuanjiang.

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