Collected Civil Examination Papers of the Qi Family of Shouyang


This is a manuscript collection of essays and poems by 12 members of the Qi family over several generations, written during their competitions for the ju ren and jin shi degrees. It was compiled by Qi Junzao (1793–1866), an official and poet, a native of Shouyang, Shanxi Province. Qi Junzao, the fifth son of Qi Yunshi, a historian, grew up in Beijing but returned to Shouyang after his father was exiled. Qi Junzao received a successful provincial ju ren degree in 1810 and a jin shi degree in 1814. He served in the Imperial Library and later officiated as examiner and chief examiner for the civil examinations. In 1837 he became the vice president of the Board of War. He was in charge of coastal defense and the prohibition of opium in Fujian Province in late 1840, when the ports were attacked by the British in the Opium War of 1840–42. Qi’s career culminated in 1851 when he was appointed grand secretary. In 1852 he was honored with the title of grand guardian of the heir apparent. He was granted permission to retire in 1855 but was recalled to the court to be one of the four tutors of the young Emperor Tongzhi (reigned 1862–74). In all, Qi Junzao served four emperors. His name was entered in the Temple of Eminent Statesmen. Based on the numerous seal impressions and the contents, it can be assumed that this collection was put together around or after 1854, either by Qi himself or by his order.

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1 juan in 1 volume


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