Ceremonial Etiquette for the Newly Appointed Officials


Xin guan dao ren yi zhu (Ceremonial etiquette for the newly appointed officials) is a Ming edition of two juan, in two volumes, on ceremonies and rules for new officials. The author is unknown, but inside the book is an inscription indicating that it was a reprint of an original edition printed by imperial order. The preface, dated 1565, was written by Guo Banshan and states that the original work was owned by Liu Zizhen, who reprinted the book on the advice of one of his friends. Many similar works on these subjects were written in China over the centuries and were listed in bibliographies and catalogs. The first juan deals with banquets, sacrifice offerings, festivities, and other related topics. The second juan addresses the proper rules an official must follow in order to lead the people, his daily duties, the importance of being informed of all important matters, how to conduct official business, learning about the people’s livelihood, etiquette, and disaster prevention. The book has a seal impression of Taozhai, the style name of Xu Shichang (1855–1939), who, among many official posts, was at one time the viceroy of Manchuria and chief of the general staff, and between October 1918 and June 1922, president of the Republic of China.

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2 juan in 2 volumes

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