Manuscript Collection of Essays from the Sheiyu’an Studio


This manuscript, a draft of a book published in 1889, consists of three works by Sun Shijun of the Qing dynasty. There are two juan of essays called Shei yu an wen chao (Manuscript collection of his essays); one juan of poems entitled Shi ou cun (Occasional poems); and one juan of a genealogical work entitled Zu pu ni gao (Draft of family genealogy). Sun was a native of Gui’an (part of present-day Huzhou Shi, Zhejiang Province), about whom Feng Xu, a member of the Hanlin Academy, wrote a biographical work. The essays include prefaces the author wrote for other contemporary works by renowned personalities, among them the painter Wu Junqing (1844–1927), and biographical essays, including those on a number of women. The poetry manuscript consists of six leaves with 15 poems. An inscription on the cover of the book based on the manuscript indicates that the printing began in the tenth year of Guangxu reign (1884) and took five years to complete. No printed version of the poetry volume has been found. The printed version of the genealogical work, which traces nine generations of the Sun family, was given a new title, Sun shi xian de zhuan (Biographies of the virtuous ancestors of the Sun family). The entire work was edited by Sun Shijun’s two sons and a nephew and has a number of handwritten corrections made by a person or persons unknown. There is a preface by Lu Yanwei (dated 1886) and a postscript by Cheng Wan (1883).

Last updated: January 3, 2018