Selected Writings by Dong Zhongfeng


This work is a collection of writings by Dong Qi (1483–1546), selected by Dong’s follower, Tang Shunzhi (1527–60), who was a Confucian scholar, a member of the Hanlin Academy, and a man with military knowledge. Dong Qi, a native of Guiji, Zhejiang Province, achieved his jin shi (doctoral degree) and a second degree at the highest imperial examination, and entered the Hanlin Academy. As a result of a conflict with the influential eunuch official Li Jin, he was sent from the capital to be a prefect of a county. After Li’s death, Dong returned to the Hanlin Academy and assumed various high posts. He was posthumously named secretary of the Ministry of Rites and given the title wenjian. A child prodigy, Dong was an orator and scholar of great reputation who wrote numerous works. Among his followers were many famous authors. This work was handwritten by his grandson, Dong Xiang. The same handwriting can be seen on the end label of the table of contents. The original was printed by Wang Guozhen in 11 juan. This edition has 12 juan, as Dong Xiang added one juan when he copied the work. The remainder of the work is the exact text of the Wang edition.

Last updated: January 3, 2018