Expanded Edition of the Collected Works from the Lotus Studio


This is a printed edition of writings by Yang Yikui (flourished 1592–1607), possibly printed in Zhejiang Province. Si ku cun mu (Catalog of books not included in the general catalog of the Si ku Collection) lists the original title as a work in two juan from a private collection in Zhejiang, one consisting of poetry and the other of essays. As the title indicates, this is an expanded edition in nine juan and in four volumes, published during the Wanli period, in which Yang’s later writings were added to the original selections. A poet and essayist, Yang Yikui achieved his jin shi (doctoral degree) in 1592 and served with distinction at various posts, becoming a commissioner at the Yunnan Provincial Administration Commission. The preface to one of his other works, Yi cheng (Records of the border regions), was dated 1615. This book may have been published at the same place and at the same time. The preface was written by Zhang Jiude, a Ming dynasty minister of the Bureau of Works.

Last updated: January 3, 2018