The Wanli Gazetteer of Yanping Prefecture


During the Ming dynasty there were three prefectures in northern Fujian Province: Yanping, Jianning, and Shaowu. Yanping Prefecture (present-day Nanping Shi) was established in 1369. The highest-ranking official was the prefect, who administered the counties, relayed the state government’s ordinances, controlled criminal courts, and levied taxes. During the Ming dynasty a prefect had a fourth-grade rank in the official hierarchy. Prefects often were involved in publishing local gazetteers. These works contained detailed descriptions of the state of affairs in a locality at a given period. The in-depth information they contain makes them important sources for the study of the history, geography, local economy, culture, language and dialects, biographies of notable people, as well as the administration of local government. The main compiler of this work was Yi Kejiu, the prefect of Yanping, who achieved his jin shi (doctoral degree) in 1565 and became the prefect at the beginning of the Wanli reign (1573–1620). The four other compilers, all officials in his administration, were Yang Shujing, Li Jiazhi, Lu Yang, and Yao Yinglong. An added title reads Chong xiu Min zhi cai fang shu (New edition of the collected gazetteers of Fujian). The catalog of Tian yi ge (The Tianyi Pavilion Library) lists this work as a new edition of 34 juan, reissued by this library.


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Tian yi ge


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34 juan, 6 volumes


  • Manuscript copy

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