The Great Ming Gazetteer of Xinghua Prefecture


This manuscript edition of the gazetteer of Xinghua Prefecture, Fujian Province, is in 54 juan in 12 volumes. It was compiled jointly by Zhou Ying (1430–1518) and Huang Zhongzhao (1435–1508), both from Fujian. Xinghua became a prefecture in the second year (1369) of the reign of the first Ming emperor, Hongwu. The town with its seaport was important for the local economy and overseas trade. Both Zhou Ying and Huang Zhongzhao received the prestigious jin shi (doctoral degree). A follower of Zhu Xi’s Neo-Confucianism, Zhou Ying held various official positions for many years, including serving as magistrate of several prefectures and as provincial administrative commissioner of Sichuan. Huang Zhongzhao was the author of literary works, a member of the imperial Hanlin Academy, and was known as a writer of local histories. In 1501, Huang Zhongzhao was invited by Chen Xiao, the then-magistrate of Xinghua Prefecture, to join Zhou Ying in compiling this gazetteer, but Huang died soon after completing the part on local personalities. The work was organized in six parts, following the six government administrative divisions of civil office, revenue, rites, military, justice, and public works. The original edition no longer exists; it is believed to have been destroyed in a fire not long after its issuance. Thus the words chong xiu (new edition) were added to this Tian yi ge (Tianyi Pavilion Library) manuscript edition. It included the names of the two original editors, Zhang Yuanshen and Hong Yongshao, and of the two printers, Zhang Hao and Liu Chengqing. The two prefaces were written by Zhou Ying and by Chen Xiao, the magistrate of the prefecture. A postscript is dated 1503. As a gazetteer, it provides in-depth information on the history, geography, local economy, culture, language and dialects, biographies of notable people, and the administration of the prefecture as well as of Fujian Province.

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Tian yi ge, Ningbo Shi


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54 juan, 12 volumes


  • Manuscript copy

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