Genealogy of Ma Family


This manuscript is a collection of records documenting the deeds and actions of four members of Ma family, prominent in Liaoyang, northeast China. They are Ma Mingpei (1600–1666), his son Ma Xiongzhen (1634–77), his grandson Ma Shiji (1650–1714), and his great-grandson Ma Guozhen (1666–1720). Ma Mingpei rose in his official career to the presidency of the Board of War and to the military governorship of Jiangnan and Jiangxi, and took part in the suppression of the Southern Ming forces in the sixth year of the Chongzhen reign (1633). Ma Xiongzhen, who was an assistant administrator in the Board of Works, in charge of the mint, later became a subchancellor of the grand secretary, and governor of Guangxi. There he was placed in custody during the revolt of Wu Sangui, a Ming Chinese general. Ma Xiongzhen was killed in 1677, together with several members of his family, for refusing to serve Wu. He was posthumously given the titles of grand guardian of the heir apparent and president of the Board of War and was canonized as Wenyi. His loyalty and incorruptibility became the theme of a drama. Ma Shiji rose to the post of director-general of grain transport, and Ma Guozhen to intendant of the circuit of Jiangning, Changzhou, and Zhenjiang prefectures in Jiangnan. This work also contains official notices, title grants, funeral eulogies, and imperial eulogies of their deeds. Included as supplements are four posthumous manuscripts, which consist of Ma Xiongzhen’s poems, and the literary works of his father Ma Mingpei, his son Ma Shiji, and his grandson Ma Guozhen. The records are described in great detail. The work is a useful reference source to the historical events of the time; it is the only extant copy.

Last updated: January 3, 2018