One Last Effort and We Will Get Them


This poster, published in Paris in 1917, shows American soldiers following a French infantryman as they climb up a rock. Perched at the top are the imperial eagle and the Iron Cross, symbols of Germany. The American soldiers wear khaki uniforms and the distinctive leggings of the soldiers of the American Expeditionary Forces. The French soldier wears the blue greatcoat and the famous Casque Adrian (Adrian helmet), which was introduced in 1915 as the first modern steel helmet used by any army. The text urges a “last effort” to defeat the Germans. The United States entered the war on April 6, 1917, after Great Britain and France had suffered huge losses on the Western front and in other theaters of the war. The first American troops landed in France in late June of 1917. By May 1918, more than 1,000,000 U.S. troops were in France, where they helped to bring about the ultimate defeat of Germany and its allies in November 1918.

Last updated: November 14, 2017