Special Edition of Universal Current Events: Latest Views of Our Boys in the Service


This poster shows Uncle Sam (a representation of the United States) standing next to a soldier, each with an arm around the other's shoulders. In the background is a camp of military tents, with a U.S. flag planted and waving back and forth. The poster was produced by The Hegeman Print, a New York-based printer that produced a series of World War I propaganda posters, including ones featuring official war films. American soldiers in World War I were popularly known as “doughboys,” a term of obscure origin that was popularized by the official military newspaper Stars and Stripes. By May 1918, the United States had deployed nearly one million men to France, and news of their activities was eagerly awaited at home. Little is known about the artist, J. Carl Mueller, who created this poster.

Last updated: November 14, 2017