For Your Country. Subscribe to the Loan. Crédit Foncier d'Algérie et de Tunisie


This World War I poster, sponsored by the Crédit Foncier d'Algérie et de Tunisie, a financial institution serving Algeria and Tunisia, urges people to subscribe to the fourth national loan, issued by the French government in 1918. The poster shows Algerian and Tunisian soldiers on horses charging into battle. France recruited troops from its overseas territories and colonies, and between 1914 and 1918, the French army deployed 172,800 soldiers from Algeria and 60,000 soldiers from Tunisia to Europe. Initially, most colonial troops were volunteers, but as the war dragged on and casualties mounted, the French authorities increasingly relied on conscription to secure Arab and West African soldiers. Most men in the colonies had no desire to fight for France, and forced recruitment provoked severe resistance. This poster is by Georges Clairin (1843–1919), a French illustrator and “orientalist” painter who before the war traveled to and painted scenes of Egypt, Morocco, and other North African countries.

Date Created

Subject Date

Publication Information

Devambez, Paris


Title in Original Language

Pour la patrie. Souscrivez à l'Emprunt. Crédit foncier d'Algérie et de Tunisie

Type of Item

Physical Description

1 print (poster) : lithograph, color ; 80 x 119 centimeters



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