Many Peoples - One Nation


During World War I, President Woodrow Wilson and other U.S. political leaders were concerned about disunity among the American people. They were particularly anxious that so-called hyphenated Americans, Americans born abroad or of foreign heritage, might prove disloyal. For example, Irish-Americans might be bitter at British rule in Ireland or German-Americans could be sympathetic to Germany. In response, U.S. leaders launched a widespread “Americanization” campaign involving both government agencies and private organizations. This poster, with the slogan “Many peoples - one nation. Let us unite to Americanize America,” was issued by the National Americanization Committee of New York, a private organization prominently involved in the campaign. The committee was headed by Frances Alice Kellor (1873–1952) a scholar, social reformer, and expert on immigration and women’s issues. The poster shows the American flag waving among the clouds. The patriotic text, "The Flag Speaks," was written by Franklin K. Lane, a California politician who served as secretary of the interior (1913–20). Lane was a leading advocate, prior to the U.S. entry to the war in April 1917, of intervention on the side of the Allies.

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Ray Greenleaf, New York


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Many Peoples - One Nation. Let Us Unite to Americanize America

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1 print (poster) : lithograph, color


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