Joan of Arc Saved France. Women of America, Save Your Country--Buy War Savings Stamps


This World War I poster, issued by the United States Department of the Treasury, urges women to buy war savings stamps to help finance the war effort. The War Savings Stamps (W.S.S.) program aimed to instill patriotism in citizens as well as raise funds. Stamps were available in 10-cent and 25-cent versions, and were bought by school-age children and other small savers. This poster invokes the figure of Joan of Arc (circa 1412–31), the traditionally recognized patriot and martyr of France who led the fight against the English in the Hundred Years’ War. The illustration of a beautiful young Joan, raising her sword, is by Haskell Coffin (1878–1941), an American artist best known for his portrayals of women on the covers of The Saturday Evening Post, McCall’s Magazine, The American Magazine, Redbook, and other weekly and monthly magazines.

Last updated: November 14, 2017