He Is Piling up His Thrift Stamps, Are You? Buy Thrift Stamps


This World War I poster, produced in Canada in 1918, promotes Thrift Stamps, a form of wartime savings directed especially at children. The poster, by an unknown artist, shows a squirrel hiding nuts in a tree. The caption reads, “He is piling up his Thrift Stamps, are you?” Canada, a dominion within the British Empire, was a major combatant on the Allied side during World War I. To raise money for the war, countries sold interest-bearing war bonds. Canada began calling its war bonds “Victory Bonds” (or “Victory Loans”) in 1917. From 1915 to 1919, the Canadian government conducted five bond campaigns. For each one, the Victory Loan Dominion Publicity Committee produced a poster urging Canadian citizens to buy bonds, and inaugurated the campaigns with ceremonies, parades, and appearances by celebrities. Canadians responded enthusiastically. Children joined in by accumulating Thrift Stamps that they could use to buy bonds. Communities that raised significant amounts of money were rewarded with a Victory Loan Honour Flag.

Last updated: November 14, 2017