Emblems of Liberty and Humanity. The Red Cross, Mother of All Nations


This Spanish-language poster is one in a series issued by the American Red Cross during World War I featuring the flags of the countries allied or associated with the United States in the war. This poster shows two Red Cross nurses. One nurse, depicted as a Madonna figure, appears to cradle in her arms a litter used to transport wounded soldiers, between the flags of Panama and the United States. The title reads: “Emblemas de la libertad y de la humanidad. La Cruz Roja, madre de todas las naciones” (Emblems of liberty and humanity. The Red Cross, mother of all nations). When the United States declared war on April 6, 1917, the president of Panama, Ramon Valdez, severed diplomatic relations with Germany and expelled all German consuls from the country. Panama’s main concern was to protect the Panama Canal from possible sabotage by German agents. In his statement of April 7, 1917, Valdez proclaimed that it was the patriotic duty of all Panamanian citizens to facilitate military operations undertaken by the United States on Panamanian territory in conjunction with operation of the canal.

Last updated: November 14, 2017