Buy Fresh Fish, Save the Meat for Our Soldiers and Allies


This World War I poster, issued by the Canada Food Board, urges consumers to purchase and eat fish rather than meat. The poster shows a butcher pointing at fish while a female customer looks on. The butcher and the woman are both smiling, and the words “A Good Butcher” appear in the background. Canada was a major producer and exporter of meat, grains, and other foodstuffs, and the country ramped up production during the war to help meet the needs of Britain, France, and other allies, where the war caused agricultural production to decline. Meat is less perishable than fish, and by eating fish consumers could increase the amount of meat available for export. This poster is by E. Henderson, a Canadian artist who produced a series of posters urging Canadian farmers to expand their production and consumers to conserve food.

Last updated: November 14, 2017