Weapons for Death -- Weapons for Life! Subscribe to the Victory Loan


This World War I poster from Italy shows two young men working at a forge, making a plow. The caption calls on Italians to subscribe to the victory loan. Like most belligerents in World War I, Italy had to raise funds by issuing war bonds, which were essentially interest-bearing loans that citizens made to the government. Campaigns supported by posters such as this had two purposes. One was to urge citizens to lend money to the government to finance the war. The other was to promote patriotic fervor in support of the war effort. In accordance with a secret treaty signed in London in April 1915 with Britain, France, and Russia, Italy expected to gain territories in Europe as well as parts of the German Empire in Africa in exchange for entering the war against Germany and Austria-Hungary. But the Italian armies suffered heavy losses, mostly in fighting with Austria-Hungary, and many Italians soon turned against the war.

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E. Guazzoni, Rome


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Armi della morte -- armi per la vita! Sottoscrivete al prestito della vittoria


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1 print (poster) : lithograph, color ; 141 x 100 centimeters


Last updated: November 14, 2017