1914! The Murderers!


This poster, designed by the graphic artist Maurice Louis Henri Neumont (1868–1930) and produced in Paris in 1914 by Maison d’édition, depicts Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859–1941), emperor of Germany during World War I, and Franz Joseph I (1830–1916), emperor of Austria-Hungary until the third year of the war, as “murderers.” Each carries a knife, and behind them is a looming image of the imperial eagle of Germany, dripping blood. The papers on the ground show the international agreements and principles of international law that the emperors were said to have trampled upon in their march toward war: respect for neutral countries, neutrality, the rights of man, the Hague peace congress, and so forth. The note at the lower left indicates that the print is the first in a series called “1914.” The series, produced during the war, was about the “atrocities of the barbarians against the peoples courageously struggling for the sacred cause of law, civilization, and liberty.” As part of its mobilization for war, France rallied its citizens by portraying the German and Austrian emperors as murderers whose policies had caused the war. Neumont, a lithographer and painter, was a member of the patriotic school of French artists, who created pro-French propaganda posters during World War I.

Date Created

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Publication Information

Maison d'Edition, Paris


Title in Original Language

1914! Les Assassins!

Type of Item

Physical Description

1 print (poster) : lithograph ; 49 x 32 centimeters



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