The Land of Chukotka


This early-19th century playing card is from a set of 60 such cards, each devoted to a different province or territory of the Russian Empire, which at the time included the Grand Duchy of Finland, Congress Poland, and Russian America. One side of each card shows the local costume and the provincial coat of arms; the other side contains a map. This card depicts the Land of Chukotka, located in the extreme northeastern part of the empire. The Land of Chukotka is bordered by the Sea of Kamchatka (present-day Sea of Okhotsk), and the Bobrovoe Sea (present-day Bering Sea), and separated from the Great Ocean (Pacific Ocean) by the Aleutian Islands in the south. To the east, across a strait later named the Bering Strait, lies “Russian Land,” which was transferred to the United States in the Alaska Purchase of 1867. The map depicted on the card was based on the North Pacific voyages of Russian and other travelers in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Last updated: May 24, 2017