Illustrated Travel Notes on the Journey to Kangyou


The work was compiled by Yao Ying (1785-1853) of Tongcheng, Anhui Province, who successfully passed the highest imperial examination and received the title of jin shi (doctoral degree) in the 13th year of the Jiaqing reign (1808) and assumed various official posts. In 1843 he was banished by the imperial court to Sichuan. While there he was dispatched twice to Chad Ya (present-day Chaya Xian, Changdu Diqu, Tibet) in order to resolve disputes among the Tibetan monks. He also conducted surveys of Xikang, Tibet and various places in the southwestern region. This is a manuscript copy, based on his travel and survey notes. It contains information on history, geography, religions and social customs of these places and neighboring countries, such as India, Nepal, and Sikkim, as well as provides historical and geographical information on England, France and Russia. The book was illustrated by Ye Tang, an astronomer from the same town as the author, who also wrote a post-script.

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No juan designation; 1 ce: maps

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