Illustrated Treatise, Arranged By Subject, On Cold-Induced Febrile Diseases and Guide to Treatments


According to the original title, this work was compiled by Li Zhixian and illustrated by Wu Shu (both of the Yuan dynasty, (1271-1368)), and arranged by Xiong Zongli (1409-1482). It was published in 11 juan during the Zhengde reign (1506-1521). Xiong Zongli was knowledgeable in medicine, and many of his medical books were included in book catalogs, such as Shu lin qing hua (Idle talks on books). To create this work, which experts regard as far superior to his other books, Xiong Zongli presumably combined two earlier works by Li Zhixian and Wu Shu, added a volume dealing with pregnancy and child birth and cold-induced diseases in children, added a supplement of recipes (i.e., prescriptions), and had the entire work printed. This edition has two labels, one at the end of the table of contents indicating that this was a new edition printed in the winter of the second year of the Zhengde reign (1507) in the workshop of Cun de shu tang (Book hall of preserved virtue), and the other indicating that it was reprinted in 1508 in the workshop of De xin shu tang (Book hall of new virtue). The discrepancies in the dates, the fact that the work is not characteristic of books published in the Zhengde period (1506-21), and the fact that Xiong Zongli was no longer living at the time of publication all suggest that the work was printed by Xiong’s descendants, using the blocks created for the original edition.

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Zhong De Shu Tang, Jianyang Xian, Fujian Sheng, China


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10 juan + 1 juan of outline; 4 ce: illustrations

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