Illustrated Primer to the Materia Medica


This book, compiled by Chen Jiamo in 12 juan, edited by Ye Fei and Hu Yiguan, and supplemented by Liu Kongdun, was published in the first year of the Chongzheng reign (1628). The title on the cover, A New Expanded Edition of Primer to the Materia Medica, with illustrations, printed by Zhou Ruquan in his workshop, Wan juan lou (the Ten-Thousand-Volume Pavilion), indicates that the original work, published in 1565, did not have illustrations. In this new edition, each entry is illustrated. Also included and placed in front of the volumes are selected important names and portraits from Li dai ming yi tu (Illustrated records of famous medical men of the dynasties) by Xiong Zongli. In addition to the compiler’s own preface, there are three additional prefaces by Liu Kongdun (dated 1628), Xu Guo (1564), and Xiong Zongli (1476).

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Wan Juan Lou, Nanjing, China


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12 juan + 1st juan, 5 ce: illustrations

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