The Imperative Doctrines for Human Nature and Longevity


This work has been attributed to the disciples of Yinzhenren, the Daoist immortal, who narrated his doctrines to them. It was originally part of the collection of Tang Xin'an and was printed by his nephew, Wu Zhihe. The woodblocks later were acquired by the Di Xuan Ge workshop. The content suggests that it is a Ming work, possibly by Tang Xin’an himself. Wu Zhihe was a native of She Xian, Anhui province, who hired the famed engraver Huang Bofu of Xin’an. These vividly executed illustrations are considered masterpieces of Anhui woodblock printing. There are three prefaces -- by Zou Yuanbiao (not dated), Yu Yongning (1615), and Cheng Yuting (1622) -- and a post-script by Wu Zhihe (1615).

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Di Xuan Ge, China


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4 juan, 4 ce: illustrations

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