History of Three Kingdoms in Yi Xiang Tang Edition


This San guo zhi (History of three kingdoms) in the Yi xiang tang edition is imperfect, containing only 42 illustrations. The inscription in the first illustration reads: "Engraved by Huang Chengzhi of Xin'an." The seventh illustration has a similar inscription: "Engraved by Huang Chengzhi." The inscription of the eighth illustration reads, "engraved by Huang Shiheng." The famous book collector, Ma Lian (1893-1935), also had a fragmented copy of this work in the Yi xiang tang edition. Ma Lian and the literary critic Sun Kaidi (1898-1985) both considered this copy a Qing edition, but it is more likely from the Ming dynasty, as the engraver, Huang Chengzhi, lived in the late Ming dynasty.

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Huang Chengzhi, Xin'an, China


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Fragmented copy; 1 ce: 42 illustrations

Last updated: January 3, 2018