Notes to the Complete Library of the Four Treasuries, Edited with Supplements


Even though the title indicates that this work is a supplement to Quan shu bei kao (Notes to the complete library of the four treasures), the existence of such a work cannot be confirmed. This edition contains very finely executed illustrations, which are of sociological and historical as well as artistic importance. Each volume has an inscription certifying that the volume was produced by Zheng Shangxuan at the printing shop, Ren Rui Tang (Hall of auspicious mankind). The contents of the work were mostly taken from Bu qiu ren (Not seeking help from others), an encyclopedia written by Yu Wentai in 1607 in 35 juan. This edition has 34 juan, with some abbreviations. Most works included in Bu qiu ren originate from the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties; later Ming authors added supplements. Bu qiu ren can be considered as a folk-level variation of the Yongle Encyclopedia (1403-08).

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Ren Rui Tang, Fushan, Fujian Sheng, China


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34 juan, 6 ce: illustrations

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