Illustrated Classic of Mountains and Seas


Shan hai jing (Classic of the mountains and seas) is a Chinese classic text describing mountains, regions within and beyond the seas, and mythic animals. The author or authors and the date of composition are unknown. During the Jin dynasty (265-420) the renowned historian Guo Pu (276-324) wrote annotations to it. His name appears in the original title of this work. The names of two illustrators, Jiang Yinghao and Wu Linfu, as well as that of the engraver, Li Wenxiao, are found at the end of the work. A similar work by Jiang Yikui, entitled Shan hai jing shi yi (Annotated classic of the mountains and seas), contains 75 illustrations that are almost identical to the 74 images in this work. It has been assumed that Shan hai jing shi yi, printed in the 25th year of the Wanli reign (1597), was based on an edition of You tu Shan hai jing issued at an earlier date.

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18 juan, 4 ce: illustrations; 27 centimeters

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