Dutch Writers from South Africa: A Cultural-Historical Study, Part I


Hollandse skrywers uit Suid-Afrika : 'n kultuur-historiese studie. Deel I (Dutch writers from South Africa: a cultural-historical study, Part I) is a compilation of works by authors of Dutch origin living in South Africa between 1652 and 1875. The book, published in 1934, traces the development of the Afrikaans language, beginning with the transplantation of Dutch culture to South Africa. Topics covered include the influence of other European countries, especially France, on the development of Afrikaans, and the output of important diarists, novelists, and journalists. Among the authors whose works are included are Jan van Riebeeck, Pieter de Neyn, Jacob Wikar, H.D. Campagne, M.C. Vos, and Louis Trichardt. The volume includes a comprehensive introduction by the editor, literary scholar Elizabeth Johanna Möller Conradie (1903–39). The continuation of this work, Hollandse skrywers uit Suid-Afrika: 'n kultuur-historiese studie. Deel II (Dutch writers from South Africa: a cultural-historical study, Part II), covering the period 1875–1905, was published in 1949.

Last updated: September 18, 2015