A History of the University of the Panjab


The University of the Punjab (as it is now spelled) was formally established in Lahore, in present-day Pakistan, in 1882. It was the fourth university founded by the British colonial authorities on the Indian subcontinent, the first three being at the initial British strongholds of Bombay, Madras, and Calcutta. The University of the Punjab was from the beginning both a teaching and an examining body, and it was the first higher education institution in India in a majority Muslim area. J.F. Bruce (1867–1933), who published this work in 1933, was the university’s first professor of history. He describes the early days of the university, donations by ruling princes and individuals, and key figures in its academic development. Prominent among the latter were G.W. Leitner, an Englishman of Hungarian origin who was the first registrar, and Professor A.C. Woolner, vice-chancellor in 1928–36. Bruce covers the development of the university’s constitutional foundation, its educational and service departments, and extracurricular activities. The book includes photographs of faculty and administrative staff and lists of chancellors, deans, degree conferees, and others associated with the history of the university.

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Ishwar Das, Lahore


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