Piazza of the Cathedral, Milan, Italy


This photochrome print of the cathedral square (Piazza del Duomo) in Milan is part of “Views of Architecture and Other Sites in Italy” from the catalog of the Detroit Publishing Company (1905). The Duomo di Milano (Cathedral of Milan) is one of the largest Christian churches in the world. Construction of the cathedral began in 1386 on the site of two older basilicas under the patronage of the prominent Visconti family. The cathedral took nearly five hundred years to complete. Nicolas de Bonaventure (active circa 1390), Jean Mignot (active circa 1400), Carlo Buzzi (died 1638), Francesco Maria Richini (1584–1658), and Aurelio Trezzi (1598-1625) were among the architects who oversaw the work. Built largely in the Gothic style, the cathedral is known for its triangular marble-faced brick facade, stained-glass windows, more than 130 marble spires, and more than 3,400 statues. The cathedral dominates the sprawling Piazza del Duomo. On the left side of the square is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a double arcade named for Victor Emmanuel (1820–78), the first king of the unified Italian state from 1861 to 1878. At the center of the square is an 1896 equestrian statue of the king by the sculptor Ercole Rosa (1846–93).

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Detroit Publishing Company, Detroit, Michigan


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1 photomechanical print : photochrom, color


  • The Detroit Photographic Company was launched as a photographic publishing firm in the late 1890s by Detroit businessman and publisher William A. Livingstone, Jr., and photographer and photo-publisher Edwin H. Husher. They obtained exclusive rights to use the Swiss "Photochrom" process for converting black-and-white photographs into color images and printing them by photolithography. This innovative process was applied to the mass production of color postcards, prints, and albums for sale to the American market. The firm became the Detroit Publishing Company in 1905.
  • Title from the Detroit Publishing Co., Catalogue J--foreign section, Detroit, Mich. : Detroit Publishing Company, 1905.
  • Print no. "8607".

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