This ketubah, a marriage contract in Hebrew between two individuals identified as Shelomò, son of Zare of Carcassona and Bella di Merwanha, is a rare testimony to the Jewish presence in Sardinia, and specifically in Alghero on the northwestern coast of the island. In the second half of the 14th century, Alghero became the center of the Jewish community in Logudoro, a region in central-northern Sardinia. Jews enjoyed special privileges in Sardinia until the Inquisition and their expulsion in 1492, which was decreed by the ruler of Sardinia, Ferdinand II of Aragon (1452–1516), also known as Ferdinand the Catholic. Forced to leave their homes and communities, they took with them all of the records and objects that could attest to their once flourishing presence. This fragmentary document in the library of the University of Sassari was preserved in the binding of a book.

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Ketubbah – Contratto di matrimonio tra Shelomò, figlio di Zare di Carcassona e Bella del fu … Merwanha

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1 parchment sheet; 466 x 266 millimeters

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