Five Doctrinal Works


This 17th-century manuscript is a collection of five doctrinal works translated into Arabic from Greek. Three of the works are by John of Damascus (died circa 750): On the Orthodox Faith, Dialectics, and Against the Heretics. John of Damascus was often read in both Greek and Arabic (he himself was bilingual, although he wrote only in Greek). The other two texts are by the monk, Paul of Antioch, Bishop of Sidon in the 13th century. They are a letter entitled That the Creator is One and that Christians are not Polytheists (Mushrikīn), and An Outline of the Christian Faith, both of which were addressed to a Muslim reader.

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١ الماية مقالة الشريعية ٢ كتاب في الفلسفة وفي المنطق وفي علم الكلام ٣ مقالات خمسة في الآمانة وردّ على الاراثقة المخالفين ٤ رسالة مختصرة في ان الباري واحد وفي ان النصارى غير مشركين ٥ مختصر في رأي النصارى في التثليث والتوحيد

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187 folios, 28.2 x 19 centimeters

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