A Map of Seoul in the Period of Joseon Dynasty


Suseon jeondo (Map of Seoul) is a wood-block print map of Seoul made by Kim Jeongho (1804–66), the leading geographer of the Joseon Dynasty in the 1840s. The word Suseon indicates Seoul, which was the capital and called Hanyang at that time, and jeondo means the complete map. An actual survey of the whole city by Kim Jeongho, the map shows major roads, facilities, villages, and other features of the capital in detail. The mountains, traditionally considered significant in connecting the sky with the authority of the king, are drawn larger than to scale. The map’s historical and artistic value derives from its realistic description of the old Seoul and its delicacy as a work of art, making it famous as one of the finest depictions of the features of a traditional Korean city.


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Kim Jeongho, Seoul

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1 leaf: 101.6 x 66.6 centimeters; woodblock print

Last updated: October 17, 2011