Humorous Calendar for the New Year


Petko Rachov Slaveikov (1827–95) was one of the most renowned Bulgarian literary figures of the 19th century. He was a poet, publicist, translator, editor, dramatist, and folklorist. He believed fervently in the ideals of the National Revival movement and many of his works reflect his aspirations for the education of the Bulgarian people and for political and religious independence from the Ottoman Turks. Some of Slaveikov’s most popular works were his humorous calendars, which contained a variety of writing styles, including poems, amusing sketches, and horoscopes. These calendars, along with Slaveikov's newspaper Gaida (Bagpipe), were the foundations of Bulgarian humor and satirical writing.

Date Created

Subject Date

Publication Information

Pechatnitsa (shtamparnitsa) na Dim. Panichkov, Tsarigrad


Title in Original Language

Смѣшнный календарь за Нова година

Type of Item

Physical Description

96 pages : illustrated ; 17 centimeters


  • Pages 1-8, 95-96 are missing from the copy.
  • Church Slavic and civil scripts.

Last updated: September 18, 2015