New Testament of Our Lord Jesus Christ


The noted educational reformer, grammarian, and priest Neofit Rilski (1793–1881) was the first to translate the New Testament into modern Bulgarian. Rilski’s translation was critical to religious education, as most Bulgarians could not understand the existing translations of the Bible into Church Slavic. Financed by the Protestant British and Foreign Bible Society and sanctioned by the head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Ilarion, Metropolitan of Tŭrnovo, the translation was a milestone in the Bulgarian National Revival and in the efforts of Bulgarians to achieve religious autonomy from the Greeks. Shown here is the second edition from 1850, which is reprinted from the first edition of 1840.

Date Created

Subject Date

Publication Information

A. Damianova, Smyrna


Title in Original Language

Новый Завѣтъ Господа Нашегѡ Іис/о/уса Хрїста

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516 pages ; 20 centimeters


  • The book is printed in Church Slavic script.

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