Bulgarian Arithmetic


Arithmetics were a popular genre of textbooks during the era of the Bulgarian National Revival in the 19th century, when it was widely believed that everyone, especially future businessmen, needed to know basic mathematics. Bulgarian Arithmetic was the fourth such text published in this era, in 1845. The author, Khristodul Kostovich Sichan-Nikolov (1808–89), was a monk, teacher, writer, and publicist, often assisted in his scholarly pursuits by the writer, educator, and priest Neofit Rilski. Before writing his own text, Sichan-Nikolov had been involved as the editor of the first arithmetic published in Bulgarian, Khristaki Pavlovich’s 1833 Arithmetic, or the Study of Numbers. Sichan-Nikolov’s arithmetic was popular enough for a second edition to be published in 1856, but the lasting value of the book is based mainly on the preface to this first edition, which contributed to the debate over the form of the new Bulgarian literary language. Sichan-Nikolov later became an associate of the American and British Protestant missionaries in Bulgaria and edited their journal Zornitsa (Day Star).

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Knigopechatnitsa (tipografiia) na Ĭosifa Kopaĭniga, Bucharest

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Болгарска аритметика

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6, 143, 12 pages ; 19 centimeters

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