Book of Kings or a Bulgarian History, Which Teaches from Whence Came the Bulgarians, How They Became Rulers, How They Reigned and How Their Kingdom Perished and Fell under the Yoke


This book is the first published edition of Paisii Khilendarski’s 1762 Slaveno-Bulgarian History, which is considered the founding document of the Bulgarian National Revival. Paisii’s history encouraged the Bulgarians, who had been under Ottoman rule for centuries, to discover their national consciousness and to embrace the Bulgarian language. The work was so influential that it was copied by hand and excerpted many times, without Paisii being identified as the author or his name associated with the work. This 1844 edition, compiled and revised by Khristaki Pavlovich, also fails to identify Paisii as the author, and it omits some of the most important sections of the work as originally written, notably Paisii’s preface and his appeal to the Bulgarian people. It nonetheless was one of the earliest and most popular histories of Bulgaria. Paisii was definitively identified as the author of the Slaveno-Bulgarian History in 1871 by the eminent scholar Marin Drinov.

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Kralevska universitetska, Budapest


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Царственникъ или исторія болгарская която учи отъ гдѣ са болгаре произишли, како са кралевствовали, како же царствовали и како царство свое погубили

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80 pages ; 21 centimeters

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