Something for the Unlearned


Most famous for being the father of Bulgarian revolutionary Khristo Botev, Botio Petkov (1815–69) was an accomplished educator and writer in his own right. Among his students were the luminaries Ivan Vazov and Nikola Nachov. Born in the town of Karlovo, Petkov himself studied with a famous teacher, Raino Popovich. Petkov wrote for the early Bulgarian newspaper Tsarigradski vestnik (Constantinople Herald), and published several translations into Bulgarian from Russian, including this book. Petkov completed this translation while he was a seminary student in Odessa, a city in Russia (present-day Ukraine) with a large colony of Bulgarians living outside the confines of the Ottoman Empire. This 1843 booklet is a Protestant religious tract, one of the earliest such items to be published by American missionaries in Bulgaria. The publisher, the press of A. Damian in Smyrna (in present-day Turkey), mainly produced religious works such as this.

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A. Damianova, Smyrna


Title in Original Language

Нещо за безграмотны те человѣцы

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32 pages ; 14 centimeters


  • The book is printed in Church Slavic script.

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