General Geography in Brief for the Whole World


Published in 1843 with the support of many private donors, General Geography in Brief for the Whole World is a reworking in Bulgarian of Samuel Goodrich’s American textbook, Peter Parley's Method of Telling about Geography to Children, but from the Greek translation produced by American missionaries rather than the original English. Other Greek-language geography texts also inspired aspects of this work, notably William Channing Woodbridge’s Rudiments of Geography (1835), which was translated into Greek by missionaries at about the same time as Goodrich’s text. When American Protestant missionaries began working in the Ottoman Empire in the early 19th century, they focused initially as much on general as on religious education. Missionary-produced grammars, arithmetic texts, and geographies thus were commonplace in Bulgaria, which was then under Ottoman rule. This translation was completed by Konstantin Fotinov, a Bulgarian educator closely associated with the American missionaries, who founded a school in Smyrna (present-day Turkey) based on the Lancastrian teaching methods of the English education innovator Joseph Lancaster (1778–1838). Fotinov’s translation was well received in Bulgaria, not only for its easy-to-read content, but also because it was the first illustrated geography book for children in Bulgarian. The publishing house of the Greek A. Damian, which produced the book, mainly issued works sponsored by missionaries.

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A. Damianova, Smyrna


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Общое землеописанїе вкратцѣ за сичка-та землѧ


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236 pages : illustrations ; 17 centimeters

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