Commentary of Husayn


Tafsīr-i Ḥusaynī (Commentary of Husayn) is a commentary on the Qurʼan, transcribed in two volumes. The original commentary was written in 1504 (910 AH), but this copy was made in 1855–57 (1272–74 AH) by Wali ul Din. The first volume of this manuscript covers the chapters (surahs) in the Qurʼan from Fatihah (Opening verse) to Kahf (The cave); the second volume the surahs from Maryam (Mary) to Al-Nās (The people). The manuscript is beautifully transcribed on handmade paper, with commentary devoted to each concept, word, or thought. Words and concepts from the Qurʼan are written in red ink, followed by the commentary in black ink. The first page of each volume of manuscript has a floral adoration inlaid with gold.

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تفسیر حسینی

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Volume 1: 332 leaves ; volume 2: 343 leaves. 30 × 17.5 centimeters

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