Waves Hit Navarre Pier Hard During Hurricane Ivan's Approach


Hurricane Ivan was the strongest hurricane of the 2004 Atlantic storm season. It made landfall on the U.S. mainland in Gulf Shores, Alabama, on September 16 as a Category 3 storm. The 2004 storm season was especially active, with six landfalls, including four in Florida alone. Ivan greatly affected the coastal cities and smaller communities of the Florida Panhandle, Alabama, and Mississippi. This dynamic image of Ivan’s landfall in Navarre Beach, Florida, illustrates the force of the tidal surge and winds that destroyed miles of roads and highways and hundreds of homes and businesses, some of which had survived for generations. A Category 5 hurricane at its peak in the Gulf of Mexico, Ivan had cloud bands the size of the state of Texas. It caused flooding throughout the eastern United States, as well as spawning more than 100 tornadoes. Ivan broke several hydrological records, being credited as having caused what might be the largest ocean wave ever recorded, a 91-foot (27-meter) wave, and the fastest seafloor current, at 2.25 meters per second (5 miles per hour).

Last updated: October 17, 2011