Tables of the Body for Treatment


The well-known author of this manuscript, Abū Alī Yahyā ibn Īsā ibn Jazla (died, Sha’bān AH 493 [May–June 1100]), also wrote several other books, such as Al-minhāj fi al-tibb (The guide in medicine), and Taqwīm al-abdān (Curing the bodies). He was born to Christian parents but converted to Islam around 1074 (AH 466) and later wrote a rebuttal of Christianity. He had studied medicine with Saīd ibn Hibat-Allāh. In Taqwīm al-abdān fī tadbīr al-insān (Tables of the body for treatment), Abū Alī Yahyā provides information in tabular form on diseases and fevers and then gives remedies for each malady. The manuscript is in two different hands.

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تقويم الأبدان بمداواة الأمراض المجتمعة في ثلاثة أجناس متشابهة

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24 x 32 centimeters with a 20 x 26 centimeter text block. 91 leaves, black and red text. Contains tables. Shows signs of humidity and termite damage.

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