The Full Moon and its Illumination of the Operations of the Sun and the Moon


The author or compiler of this manuscript, Alī ibn Sālim ibn Muhammad, introduces himself as a student of Dāwūd al-Antāki, and further attributes the text he is presenting to the famous eighth-century authority on science, Jābir Ibn Hayyān. The text is divided into three main sections followed by a conclusion. The first section is on mines, and discusses the association between various mines and celestial bodies. The second section covers stones; the third section discusses plants and herbs. There is an additional folio with some information not contained in the treatise itself. The present manuscript, completed in Dhu al-Qa’ida AH 1300 (September 1883), is not particularly old. The original manuscript had been in the library of Khedive Mustafa Pasha.

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بدر المنير فيما يتعلق للشمس و القمر من التدبير

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16.5 x 25 centimeters with a 10 x 17 centimeter text block of 19 lines. 40 leaves, with black text with subtitles in red and black. Modern binding, from linoleum and cardboard. Pages contain signs of humidity.

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