Spherical Map of the Granada Island


This map of the Caribbean island of Grenada was prepared in 1793 by cartographers aboard the Spanish naval ships Descubridor and Vigilante. The map indicates the coastline, coastal features, soundings, navigational hazards, settlements, and characteristics of the water bottom. The map is part of the Library of Congress’s collection from the Real Escuela de Navegación, Cadiz, Spain, acquired from Maggs Brothers, London. Several times during the 18th century, Grenada was the scene of fighting between the European naval powers. In 1762, during the Seven Years' War, the British captured the island from the French, who had controlled it since 1650. France briefly recaptured the island in 1779 as part of the fighting associated with the American Revolution, but Britain regained it by treaty in 1783. Grenada became independent in 1974. Its territory includes the main island of Grenada, but also the smaller islands of Carriacou and Petit Martinique, which are not shown on this map.

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Title in Original Language

Carta Esférica de la Ysla de la Granada

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1 pen-and-ink manuscript map ; 58 x 94 centimeters


  • Scale approximately 1:97,500

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