Fiume, a Street, Croatia, Austro-Hungary


This photochrome print is from “Views of the Austro-Hungarian Empire,” a selection of photographs of late 19th-century tourist sites in Eastern and Central Europe (formerly known as the Austro-Hungarian Empire) that was part of the catalog of the Detroit Publishing Company. It depicts a street scene in Fiume, as the present-day city of Rijeka, Croatia, was known at the time. The city, which dates to Roman times, was part of Austria-Hungary before World War I and was populated by both Croats and ethnic Italians. It became an object of contention in the postwar peace settlement and in 1924 was ceded under pressure to Italy by the new state of Yugoslavia. It was returned to Yugoslavia after World War II. Croatia left the Yugoslav federation and became an independent state in 1991.

Last updated: September 29, 2014