Glosses of al-Hifnī on the Yāsamīnīyya


This work is an elaboration of the commentary written by the Egyptian mathematician Sibṭ al-Māridīnī (i.e., a commentary on another commentary), on the versified introduction, or urjūzah, to the science of algebra, originally composed by the Berber mathematician and man of letters Abū Muḥammad ‘Abd-Allāh al-Ishbīlī al-Marrakushī, also known as Ibn al-Yāsamīn (died 1204 [600 AH]). Ibn al-Yāsamīn’s work has not been examined in detail by scholars, so the apparent inclusion in this treatise of original lines by Ibn Yasamīn is of great importance in studying his contribution to the mathematics of his time. The copying of this manuscript was completed on 24 Rajab 1305 AH (April 6, 1888), based on a copy written on 14 Sha‘bān 1167 AH (June 6, 1754).

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حاشية العالِم العلّامة الأستاذ الحفنى المسماة بفرائد عوائد جبرية على شرح السِبط للياسَمينية

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20 leaves (23 lines), bound : paper ; 23 x 17 centimeters


  • Alternate title: Allama Ustaz al-Hifni's Commentary


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