The Book of the New Chemical Medicine


This important text presents a detailed exposition of the harmony-based non-Galenic medicinal system of Paracelsus, i.e., Phillip von Hohenheim (1493-1541), the famous Renaissance author who advocated a new approach to the use of chemicals and minerals in medicine. The treatise, comprising more than 100 folio sheets, is divided into an introduction and several chapters. In the introduction, the author derives the word kīmīyā from the Greek χημεία. He attributes the foundation of the discipline to Hermes, but credits Paracelsus with shifting the discipline toward the art of medicine and healing. Sections of the treatise connect natural elements with zodiacal signs and discuss various diseases, chemical methods, and the making of potions, elixirs, poisons, and so forth. The date of composition does not appear anywhere in the manuscript, but the year 1210 AH (1795-96) is mentioned on the title page and may refer to the date it was acquired by one of its early owners.

Last updated: May 18, 2015