Map of the Kingdoms of Siam, Tunquin, Pegu, Ava Aracan


Jacques Bellin (1703-72) was a prolific cartographer attached to the French Marine Office. His sea atlases reflected the careful mapping of bays, seas, and harbors that characterized 18th-century French naval cartography. In 1764, he published Le Petit Atlas Maritime (Small maritime atlas), a work in five volumes, containing 581 maps. This map, from the third volume of the atlas, shows the kingdoms of southeast Asia as they appeared in the mid-18th century, including Ava and Pegu (present-day Burma), Siam (Thailand), Cambodia, and Tonkin (part of present-day Vietnam). Also shown are portions of southern China, including Hainan Island, and the Andaman Islands, now a part of India.

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Carte des royaumes de Siam, de Tunquin, Pegu, Ava Aracan

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1 engraved map; 27 x 26 centimeters

Last updated: September 29, 2014